Yeditepe University Learning and Teaching Unit (YU-LEARNT) means for all the participants of higher education to improve on their skills and abilities as well as helping them reaching “lifelong learning” and “learning to learn” targets by preparing and maintaining educational programs capitalizing on new and innovative models and methods of learning, at the same time conducting questionnaires, doing analysis and preparing them into reports and publications.

The Unit utilizes both written and visual techniques to design and prepare modular and focused educational journeys that assumes modern multiple approached methods in order to succeed in the undertaken missions. Apart from these trainings, studies on the improvements in the field of learning and teaching, research and problem solving are continued and published.

The Unit designs university and post-university life trainings to Yeditepe University students and alumni, prepares extensive modular educational journeys focused on hybrid and online learning and teaching for the University’s academic staff and finally plans trainings for the University’s administrative staff in order to improve their effectiveness and for them to acquire new skills. You may reach the content we have published until now from the Publications and Teaching Sources tabs.

Publications tab is purely made of written publications. Among our publications up till now you may find our response reports to Covid-19, which quickly changed processes of higher education and the actions taken by Yeditepe University, our documents supporting academic life, the academic advisorship handbook with the foreword of our Rector Prof. Dr. Canan Aykut Bingöl and others. We have prepared all our content both for web or mobile and all may be used according to your wishes. Our publications here will enrich as the research, reports, analysis and teaching sources prepared by YU-LEARNT increase with time.

Teaching Sources tab contains educational journeys, training videos, written content to aid video sources and booklets that can be utilized by all learning groups from academics to administrative, students and alumni for upskilling and acquiring new skills. Video content has both trainings shot in Yeditepe University studios as well as screen recordings on the use of digital tools such as YULearn Moodle or Microsoft Excel.

Our Unit will continue to prepare trainings with various techniques and approaches in order to answer different needs. In the following days we will be enlarging our library by adding our new hybrid and/or online educational projects such as YU-Teach subunit’s “Educating the Teachers” modules, YU-Execute subunit’s “Communication and Leadership” modules, YU-Learn subunit’s “Welcome to University Life” modular training, YU-Admin subunit’s Microsoft Excel training and will pass to new projects in time.